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The Friends of John Paire, Inc. was created in 2017 in John’s memory to ensure that all children who are students in this district have access to an enriched, well-rounded educational experience regardless of their socioeconomic status. The Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization funded through donations and administered by a volunteer board. The Fund provides financial assistance to individual students who might not otherwise be able to access opportunities available to all students within the district.


John Paire was a lifelong member of the Dudley-Charlton communities and in 2008, he proudly became an educator in the district. While John dedicated himself to giving each student numerous, deserved opportunities, he also truly believed that we all could “be better”…


Funds are disbursed in response to the needs of individual students as identified and recommended by DCRSD administrators, teachers, and staff. Requests are evaluated and decided by the Friends of John Paire, Inc. committee with mechanisms in place to ensure prompt delivery of funds in order to effectively respond to the individual student’s needs.

We have provided money to assist with field trips, show choir fees, toward sports camps, equipment, and YMCA camps. If you know a student in the DCRSD in need of help with clothes, food, extracurricular activity fees, etc. please contact a teacher, the school principal, or reach out to us directly.


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